Floor Mounted Bath Mixers

To create the wow factor in your bathroom space, look no further than our floor mounted bath mixer designs, to add the ultimate in style and sophistication.

Choose from our Floor Mounted Bath Mixers collection

Phoenix floor mounted bath mixers are the absolute ultimate in glamour when it comes to creating the perfect tranquil retreat in your space.

Typically accompanying a freestanding bath, a beautifully sleek spout resting on the floor is the perfect way to finish your bathroom. Not only do these stylish floor mounted bath mixers appear as the epitome of sophistication, they act as the hero element to accompany your bath and draw the eye into the space.

Our designs feature elegantly curved floor mounted bath mixers, allowing you to create your dream look, befitting a highly sophisticated, luxurious space.

One of the advantages of specifying Phoenix floor mounted bath mixers is that you can pair them effortlessly with any tapware or showers to complete your perfect look. At Phoenix, we have an extensive range of products that work seamlessly with our floor mounted bath mixers, including accessories, so that no matter your aesthetic, we’ll have the profile to suit your space.

This means you can mix and match depending on your style, as well as bring in other designs that work with your floor mounted bath mixer, from a modern look through to a more traditional setting.

Floor Mounted Bath Mixers for your home

Our floor mounted bath mixers each showcase quality hardwearing finishes and include matching accessories to help you to create a stunning look across your entire suite of Phoenix products.

The designs include a brass construction, ensuring that our floor mounted bath mixers are the highest quality and have been designed for durability and high performance.

Our talented in-house, Australian design team, take great pride in the high quality of our variety of floor mounted bath mixers. We understand it’s the small details done superbly that make the best impression, and when it comes to bathroom and shower products, we are very proud to design stunning, award-winning products across the Phoenix brand.

Furthermore, our floor mounted bath mixers are supported by our seven-year warranty on products or parts. We stand by the quality of our work, and are proud to showcase our expertise in our customers’ homes.