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Shower Parts

Phoenix shower parts are exactly what you need to accompany your products, giving you peace of mind that your shower continues to perform beautifully every time.

Choose from our Shower Parts collection

Manufactured using the highest quality materials, our shower parts encompass a range of products for use with Phoenix shower products.

Our shower parts range includes a selection of shower hoses and hand pieces that will elevate your shower product and add the perfect finishing touch in style.

For example, our shower parts range includes the NX Orli shower hose, which is specifically designed for use with a selection of products from the NX Orli collection. Available in two high quality finishes – chrome and matte black – you can rest assured we have the right finish for your space.

Shower Parts for your home

Our shower parts product offering includes a variety of easy-clean smooth NX shower hoses, as well as a selection of NX shower head hand pieces.

By utilising Phoenix shower parts in your home, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are using products specifically designed for purpose by our in-house Australian design team.

This will ensure a longer lifespan for your bathroom or shower space, with a stronger approach to servicing and maintenance issues.

As well as offering excellence in functionality behind the scenes, our shower parts are also available in matte black, specifically the NX Shower Rose, which provides greater flexibility when it comes to mixing and matching your shower parts with the other elements within your space.

These shower hoses are made with a unique PVC formula with a premium feel, durability and neat hang for use by the NX Cape and Quil handpieces. Phoenix shower hoses are available in a 1.5m length, are easy to clean and feature a protective O-ring for scratch free surfaces.

Finally, our entire shower parts collection is supported by a lifetime warranty, helping you to create your dream bathroom that will stand the test of time as well as give you the confidence that our products are designed to last long into the future.