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The Transition to Lead Free Tapware and Mixers – March 2024 Update 

The Transition to Lead Free Tapware and Mixers – March 2024 Update 

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Australia is phasing out the use of lead in tapware to safeguard your drinking water. The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has amended the National Construction Code (NCC) to limit the allowable lead content in brass plumbing products, which contain copper alloys and are intended for use in contact with drinking water, to a weighted average lead content of not more than 0.25%.  We are currently in the transition period for this change and by May 2026, all tapware and mixers will fall in line with this new Lead Free standard, significantly reducing your exposure to this metal. 

Phoenix is leading the charge towards Lead Free tapware & mixers, having started the transition with our Cromford collection in March 2023. This commitment reflects our belief in the vital role our Lead Free products can play in public health.

Why have the amendments to the National Construction Code come about? 

The new regulations have come about after the release of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Technical Brief, titled Lead in Drinking Water, released in September 2022.
In summary, the WHO recognizes that lead is a chemical of major public health concern and that the primary source of lead in drinking water, is leaching from lead-containing materials in water systems, including plumbing. The most effective action is prevention, through using low lead or lead free water system parts in new construction or renovations. 

Considering this Technical Brief, the governments of both Australia and New Zealand required the relevant bodies (the Australian Building Codes Board and the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) in New Zealand) to formulate and instigate an adjustment to building codes in the interests of public health. 

To learn more from the World Health Organizations Technical Brief, Lead in Drinking Water, September 2022, click here.

What amendments were made to the National Construction Code? 

After the WHO Technical Brief, The ABCB and MBIE both decided to limit the allowable lead content in plumbing products that contain copper alloys and are intended for use in contact with drinking water, to a weighted average lead content of not more than 0.25% 

What products are affected by the changes to the NCC?

The products affected by the new regulations are those intended for use as an outlet for drinking water. For Phoenix, this means our – 

The products not affected by the regulations are those not used as outlets for drinking water.  For Phoenix, this means the following – 

However, Phoenix has decided to have the following products manufactured as Lead Free, even though the NCC does not require this. 

  • Floor Mounted Bath Outlets and Mixers
  • Shower / Wall Mixers
  • Wall Top Assemblies
  • Diverter Mixers
  • Bath Outlets

For plumbing and building practitioners, a full schedule of products affected can be found here
(Products of relevance to Phoenix can be found from page 16 under the classification of Tapware)

How will Phoenix transition these products to meet the new code?

Moving toward the regulatory deadline of May 2026, Phoenix has implemented a roll-out strategy, that will see products across existing and new collections transition to Lead Free, until all relevant tapware and mixers comply with the regulation. Our goal is to have all relevant products available in advance of the May 2026 deadline.

We have commenced this transition, and will communicate available products on our –  

  • Website
  • Marketing communications. Please sign up here if you would like to receive emails
  • Our merchant partners will be kept up to date via their digital pricelists. 

How will I know if a Phoenix product is Lead Free?

All Phoenix products that have transitioned to Lead Free will be listed on this page on our website as soon as they are available.

The Watermark certification is a consumer’s guarantee that their plumbing products are fit for purpose and will protect community health and safety. All compliant Lead Free tapware and mixers, will be tested and certified and display the approved Lead Free Watermark trademark:


For more detailed information for our merchant and specifiers partners, please visit here 

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